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The study analyses the importance of electricity subsidies on poverty reduction in Zimbabwe Electricity subsidies are an instrument used to alleviate poverty in developing countries such as Zimbabwe.

This study evaluated the association between free seed support and poverty and food security outcomes among smallholder farmers using the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) Poverty, Income, Consumption and Expenditure Survey (PICES) and Agriculture Productivity Module (APM) survey of 2017

The  study sought to investigate the impact of remittances on household expenditure. 

The study investigated the heterogenous effects of resilience capacity and pillars on food consumption of different socio-economic classes of households

This 22nd edition of the ZEPARU Economic Barometer tracks the status of the Zimbabwe economy within the context of the global and regional economic developments up to the end of the third quarter of 2020.

The 21st edition of the ZEPARU Economic Barometer reflects on the position of key economic sectors in 2020.

Building a Vibrant and Sustainable ZEPARU to Provide Research Support and Capacity Building for Economic Policy Analysis and Management to the Public, Private and Civic Society Sectors in Zimbabwe.

The policy brief raises issues that need to be addressed to ensure that there is harmony in economic policy formulation and management across all government tires, to contextualise economic devolution in a unitary state.

The discussion paper explores the extent to which principles of  transparency and accountability are key in the implementation of Devolution in Zimbabwe. It is enchored on the premise that the three tiers of government are key custodians of the welfare of the citizens through the provision of public and infrastructural services. 

The paper raises issues that need to be addressed to ensure harmony in economic policy and management across all tiers of government with the view to contextualise economic devolution in the context of  a unitary state.

This policy brief summarises the key outcomes and recommendations of the policy dialogue on the key success factors for implementing devolution in Zimbabwe that was held on the 13th of February 2020.