ZEPARI  carries out research activities that are implemented under two kinds of arrangements; commissioned research (demand driven) and proactive core research (supply driven), with more  emphasis being given on demand-driven analytical work.   

ZEPARI 's research work is based on the following broad thematic areas:

  • Macroeconomic: (Recovery, Reform & Management)
  • Financial Sector Regulation, Development & Micro Finance
  • Regional Trade and Integration
  • Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Economic Governance
  • Value Chains, Value Addition and Diversification
  • Domestic Resource Mobilization
  • Investment & Wealth Creation and Employment Creation
  • Public Finance and Public Sector Reforms
  • SMEs & Private Sector Development
  • Infrastructure, Health & Education Financing
  • Productivity and Competitiveness
  • Sectorial Analysis (Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing &Tourism)
  • Cross Cutting Issues (Climate Change, Poverty Reduction, Gender, Safety Nets

We aim to be a leading centre of excellence in economic policy research and analysis through research, collaboration and synergies with local, regional and international organisations. 

Kindly get hold of us on or if you wish to work with us.